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Many new wastes have been classed as hazardous waste together with the introduction of definitions within the European Waste Catalogue and changes in licensing as well as the adoption of more stringent Waste Acceptance Criteria testing have controlled the variety of websites capable to process certain types of hazardous, chemical and toxic waste.

Sunderland Waste Management are here to assist work through the complicated regulations and produce compliant cost effective hazardous waste and chemical waste disposal solutions.

With over 15 years’ experience in the field and licensed by the Environment Agency, Sunderland Waste Management can handle all hazardous wastes including compounds, pesticides, oils, solvents paints cylinders, and aerosols.

We handle all volumes from 1 bottle to full loads of bulk or packaged stuff supplying a full service covering, where necessary, investigation, packing, labelling, transportation and disposal.

Using our extensive knowledge about hazardous chemical waste disposal, we will choose the most appropriate disposal path for your wastes and ensure all documentation and licensing is set up.

Dangerous Landfill Historically the cheapest option but changes in waste acceptance criteria and reductions in capacity make delivering waste directly to site generally impractical and uneconomic. Still a viable option for bigger quantities and bulk wastes (contaminated soils) in addition to regular homogeneous wastes like contaminated packaging. All waste must be subject to lab investigation before acceptance which adds prices pre disposal.

There are several incinerators around the nation with different capabilities. Some can combust non-hazardous waste and clinical waste with energy recovery (some recycling) whilst most hazardous waste, including all pesticides, go to specialist high temperature waste incinerators for final destruction. This is regarded as the most secure as well as best approach of dealing with combustible organic wastes, which are unsuitable for landfill due to their toxicity, flammability or resistance to natural malfunction.

These facilities will process wastes e.g. by neutralising acid / basic wastes, denaturing aqueous solutions and shredding and reducing the volume of packaging. Low flash point wastes might be reclaimed for re use in chem-fuels.

Crucial Advantages

All hazardous waste and chemical waste is properly classified before consignment. All mandatory labels and over packing materials are provided. All essential documentation for hazardous waste disposal is completed.

Before we can provide a citation or finish a hazardous waste disposal or chemical waste disposal, we need a comprehensive record of what needs to be gathered.

We should know the location, the sort of hazardous or chemical waste, the weight or volume and condition of packaging. Once we have received your waste disposal requirements, we will be able to supply a firm quotation, without obligation, and a likely time scale to perform the chemical waste disposal. Contact us today for more information.

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