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Sanitary Waste Recycling Sunderland

Our company provides sustainable sanitary waste solutions designed to protect your business as well as the environment. As a dedicated waste management organization, we are committed to protecting your company‚Äôs reputation through environmentally friendly sanitary waste recycling solutions in all of Sunderland.  This in turn protects your business and public health from pollution and toxic exposure. Do not hesitate to give us a call on 0191 546 0144. 

All recycling and waste management needs relating to sanitary waste are handled by our Sunderland team. Our plastic recycling service will not only provide you with free bins, but we will also provide a waste audit for free. Sanitary waste will be collected and disposed of at your location using timely and responsible methods.

What Sanitary Waste?

Sanitary waste is the kind of waste material that contains bodily fluids and blood. A sanitary waste stream is one that is noninfectious. Usually. However, sanitary waste does pose a certain amount of risk because it contains bloodborne pathogens. Therefore, even single irresponsible disposal will have a negative impact on the environment and subject your organization to significantly large fines.

A licensed carrier, such as Sunderland Waste, must transport all sanitary waste. Following collection, you will receive a complete audit trail of papers, which you can keep for two years. We’ll collaborate with you to manage sanitary waste responsibly and without causing harm to the environment. Sunderland Waste, in its sphere of operations, is now a big and important aspect of waste management. The organisation provides high-quality services by utilising cutting-edge technology and highly skilled personnel. We also provide emergency services around the clock, seven days a week, including holidays. So if you need anything related to your sanitary waste, give us a call.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Sunderland

Sanitary waste should be separated from the ordinary waste and placed in separate containers. Body fluids and harmful microorganisms are regularly found in used hygiene and surgical items, which, if not properly managed, can pose serious health and environmental risks. To ensure compliance with this legislation, Sunderland Waste will offer your business a free sanitary bin. As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees have access to a safe and sanitary washroom.

Sanitary waste legislation emphasizes the importance of proper segregation and storage of sanitary waste. As a result, the risk to persons and the environment is minimized as it is managed and disposed of safely. It is also possible for sanitary waste to be considered hazardous. Whenever this occurs, the sanitary waste has advanced to clinical waste and must be treated accordingly. Therefore, you must follow the proper processes for disposing of sanitary waste, like contacting a waste removal company like Sunderland Waste.

How do you store sanitary waste?

Sanitary waste is not classified as hazardous, special, or clinical waste under UK environmental regulation, nor is it classified as dangerous goods under UK transportation legislation, as long as it is non-infectious and does not require specific treatment or disposal procedures. Simply put, if non-infectious bodily fluids that are not otherwise clinical waste (such as sharps) meet the criteria, they should be classified as “offensive/hygiene waste.” It must still be handled with caution in order to avoid harm, but it is not required to be processed in the same manner as clinical or hazardous waste.

As a business, you are required to have sanitary waste bins on your premises to store your sanitary waste. We can provide these to you for free. Just dial 0191 546 0144 to speak with one of our waste managers.

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