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This town is located in the Sunderland metropolitan borough, Tyne and Wear county, and the historic county of Durham, in northeastern England. This district lies on the north side of the River Wear below Chester-le-Street. It was once a site of coal mining and industrial activity and was associated with the trade of coal from Wear to London since the 17th century. There were several coal mines in Washington in the past, making it heavily involved in the coal industry. One of these is located in the Albany district of Washington and is known as the ‘F’ Pit Museum (pits in Washington were alphabetically named, e.g., the ‘F’ Pit). Moreover, the chemical industry also played a large part in Washington’s history, and Washington Chemical Works was one of its more important employers in the 19th century. Later, the Washington Chemical Works became Cape-Newalls Works that manufactured insulation.

Around the chemical works grew the Pattinson Town, a neighbourhood of Washington. The area is now part of the Pattinson industrial estate and the Teal Farm housing development. Currently, textiles, electronics, car assembly, chemicals and electrical goods are Washington’s main industries. The Nissan plant is one of Washington’s largest employers. Washington consists of several major roads, including the A182, A1231 (Sunderland Highway), and A195, all of which join the A1(M) motorway (which forms the western boundary of Washington actual) or its feeder, the A194. As a national commercial waste service company providing commercial waste services across Washington and Tyne and Wear, these road works are excellent.¬† You can save on a lot of waste streams such as confidential waste, industrial waste, food waste and other general waste services if you call us at 0191 546 0144. Whether you’re looking to reduce landfills, increase recycling, or save money for your business, we can help.

Commercial Waste Collection Washington

We can meet your waste management obligations efficiently no matter where you are located: whether you are a retailer or a restaurant along Western Highway or a manufacturer near Washington Highway or the A1. We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are always available to collect your waste, whether it’s a one-time request or multiple daily collections. Our aim is to provide great local services at brilliant prices, whatever your business needs. We are one of the UK’s cheapest and most reliable waste management companies. You are legally obligated as the owner of a business to manage, collect, and dispose of all waste your company produces. For this reason, it is essential that you understand that hiring a waste commercial management service company is vital to your businesses longevity and green credentials. 

Furthermore, waste collection practices and needs vary from business to business. Depending on the business’ needs, different types of bins are needed, different sizes, the bins must be stored securely, and they must be emptied at various intervals. Often, when commercial waste is concerned, businesses tend to overfill their bins, causing the waste to overfill everywhere. To prevent this from happening, at Sunderland Waste Management we will provide you with free wheelie bins.

Commercial Waste Disposal Washington

One of our bespoke waste treatment centres will then receive the commercial waste collected from businesses. The waste will be treated differently depending on its type. There are several ways to dispose of waste, including recycling, reusing, incinerating for energy, or incinerating it as a disposal method. A report by environmental technology company Envirotech states that 60 per cent of all waste in the United Kingdom could be recycled. This means that in combination with using a waste management provider like Sunderland Waste Management,  businesses can reduce their costs by recycling more and diverting their waste from going into landfills. Businesses must have a waste management service to remain compliant with the law. However, it is crucial to choose the right one such as ours. 

To provide our customers with the best waste and resource management possible, we promise to help them manage them efficiently, sustainably, and with our assistance. Furthermore, our business model helps ensure the world’s finite resources are protected and safe. Households are encouraged to take their waste to the following centres:

Campground household waste and recycling centre, 


Springwell Road, 




Cowen Road household waste and recycling centre, 


Cowen Road, 



NE21 5TW

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