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Commercial Waste Bins Sunderland

Keeping track of and managing your waste in compliance with waste regulations and laws is not an issue with Sunderland Waste. In addition to general waste and hazardous waste bins, we also offer compatible industrial waste bins, which are ideal for a range of businesses and different kinds of waste streams. The Wheelie bins we offer as part of our commercial waste collection service are available in a variety of sizes.

With our company, you will be able to get container service as well as scheduled and efficient pickups, so you won’t need to worry about trash collecting on-site for too long. These collection frequencies may be able to be increased or decreased based on your requirements. Just give us a call onĀ  0191 546 0144.

Types of Commercial Waste Bins

Our waste collection services are offered in many sizes and options to ensure the least amount of stress to your business operation and location(s), including lockable bins, 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled bins, and large static containers. Our container selection includes a large variety of sizes, types, and sizes of containers, including wheelie bins, front end loaders, and roll on roll off dumpsters.

Please contact us if you require specific bin dimensions for any reason. This is only a suggestion because each company builds their bins differently, but they are all roughly the same size. There is no single container size that will fit everyone because the container’s size is entirely dependent on your needs. With our commercial waste collection service, you can get free wheelie bins or delivery of wheelie bins. Your request for an estimate will be responded to within one hour of submitting the form or calling us, so you won’t have to deal with stressful logistics.

Wheelie bins

Contains 120 liters to 1100 litres of volume, with lockable lids. Commercial and business waste can be disposed of in these bins, including general waste, cardboard, mixed recycling, food, and glass. Buying a 360-litre rubbish bin, which is twice as large as two smaller bins, can save you space if your company generates a lot of waste each week. A bag can be placed into this bin if its height and width are 880mm and 610mm, respectively. Bins with 360 litres of capacity are most popular.

These make waste collection and regular pickup easy. To save money and recycle, many businesses order multiple 360-litre bins and have them emptied over an extended period of time. 

Wheelie bins of 1100 litres: This container is well-suited for recycling and trash containing cardboard, mixed recyclables, and generally unwanted items. The braking system, the lock, and the ease of manoeuvring make this container an ideal choice.

660-litre wheelie bin: This 660-litre container measures 1.3 meters by 1.4 meters by 1.1 meters and can accommodate cardboard, garbage, and recycled blends. Wheel security brakes are included on these containers, and they can be locked and manoeuvred easily.

Containers with a 360-litre capacity and locking options can be used for all kinds of waste, including cardboard, dry mixed recyclables, and glass. There are two wheels on these containers for easy mobility.

Front end-loaders

Dry mix recyclable waste such as cardboard is usually loaded into front-end loaders. Front-end loaders are lidded skips used for compacting recyclable dry waste, such as cardboard. These can be stored both inside and outside, depending on their size. If necessary, lockable lids can be ordered.

Roll-off roll-on

Commercial waste is disposed of in roll-on/roll-off containers, which are large containers for this purpose. In Ro-Ro skips, you can put massive amounts of waste, including regular waste and bulky materials like construction waste and scrap. Often found in the construction industry, manufacturing industries and retail sectors that handle large amounts of waste, these containers are commonly used.

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