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Innovative clinical waste management processes at Sunderland Waste are driven by keeping up with local and worldwide clinical waste and technology. The way you manage your clinical waste must be continually revised. As a reliable partner, we will ensure that your clinical waste packaging conveys a sense of cleanliness and safety impact to your business, as well as on-time collection and distribution.

Providing clinical waste management, collections, and recycling services that satisfy high international standards, we are an outstanding clinical waste service all over the North East. All you have to do on your side is to simply call us on 0191 546 0144. Our clients can choose from a variety of safe clinical waste bins, skip bags, and sharps bins, depending on their needs. We provide high-quality clinical waste management solutions to help you improve your services.

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste is a waste generated by health care services such as hospitals, medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, and dental offices. Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, GPs, dentistry practices, residential facilities and nursing homes, generate a substantial amount of clinical waste. Clinical waste can be generated by veterinarians, zoos, and research centres alike. Acupuncturists, tattoo artists, and piercers are also sources of clinical waste and sharps waste.

In addition, it has the potential to cause illnesses, injuries, soil and water contamination, as well as to be offensive because of its appearance. Among the debris are tissues, needles, bandages soaked in blood, adult diapers, pads, and other materials. You will remain fully compliant with current legislation when using our healthcare and clinical waste recycling services. Safe clinical waste disposal is ensured by our procedures for collecting, handling, and destroying your clinical waste. All types of sharps bins and toxic clinical waste are catered to in our disposal services.

Who Produces Clinical Waste?

Any person who produces clinical waste or contributes to its production is a clinical waste producer. A healthcare provider includes a hospital, a medical and dental practice, a nursing home, a veterinarian practice, and a community healthcare facility. A “Duty of Care” is imposed on those who import, produce, transport, keep, or dispose of controlled waste, or, as brokers, have control of such waste, which requires them to take all reasonable precautions in their capacity. As a clinical waste producer, you have a duty to:

  • To prevent others from committing crimes involving the deposit, disposal or recuperation of controlled waste without an environmental permit or a licence.
  • To avoid waste escape, i.e. to keep it in check.
  • Only authorized persons are eligible to receive waste transferred.
  • When transferring waste, proper documentation describes the waste and other pertinent information (e.g. a duty of caring for refuse transfers, a hazardous or special refuse notice).

Safe Healthcare Waste Management issued by the Health Department stipulates that the colour-coded waste separation system that helps to identify and segregate waste should be adopted by clinical waste producers. It is thought that standardisation can be achieved in the UK by using this system as best practice. Although the Waste Subgroup of the Sustainability Group, which is part of the Regional Estates Management Group, has approved special amendments that apply in Northern Ireland, the Colors-coded waste separation guide is also used as best practice for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Segregation of clinical waste is crucial because different kinds of waste are created due to clinical practices ranging from hazardous to general, non-infectious waste.

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